About Me

Update for January 2014:   On 12/27/13 I was diagnosed with a heart condition called Dilated Cardiomyopathy.  The chamber of my left ventricle is enlarged, the walls thinned out, and my mitral valve allows blood to leak back into my atrium.  I am currently trying to focus on writing about the condition to keep family and friends informed and to potentially help others.  More details are available in my blog posts.

**Please scroll down the list of links if you are concerned about sodium.  I am adding links to some sites that I find helpful.  It is difficult to find quick and easy information on sodium content.  I have not found one website that has all nutrition information on all restaurants.   For my posts over the first week of February 2014 I am planning to post sodium content of foods that I find are reasonable – less than 900 mg.  Reasonability for me depends on whether it is a dinner food or lunch food, as I try to leave 1000 mg available before dinnertime.


Through the writing that is my passion, I like to share my joy of life (hence, life joy) in such a way to be helpful to others.   Writing is just one of my passions; the others are obvious as you read my blog, so I will focus on other personal information that will enable you to know me a little better.

I have been blissfully married to my husband, Mitch, for over 25 years.  We have two sons, Ross and Alex, who are in their twenties.   Our other two children are black labrador retrievers, Kiera and Jasmine.  They are more spoiled than our boys were as children.

Our Illinois home is 35 miles from St. Louis.

We like to travel at least once a year, particularly to the Smoky Mountains to spend time hiking and enjoying the beauty of nature.  Hawaii is another favorite destination.

I love animals, nature, and the outdoors.  I must say that the birds in my backyard are very blessed.  The feeder is usually full in the morning.  It often feels as if we have a multitude of feathered pets.  Taking care of the birds is the closest thing I have to fulfilling my former dream of becoming a wildlife biologist (see my Testimony, part two).

For physical fitness and fun, my favorite activities are dance, including Zumba fitness classes,  and I like yoga (no meditation).  I also love walking the dogs.  You will find links in the blog to videos for fitness, and to my favorite music for Zumba/aerobics/dance.

I have a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ. I have a passion for God, as should be obvious in my blog.  I accepted Christ as my personal Savior in early 2001.  I had no prior experience with church or faith; I had faith in myself and in science.   It may be helpful to know that I am the only person in my family who has a relationship with God.

Whatever gifts and abilities that God gives us are intended for the benefit of others and to glorify Him.   I intend to do that through this blog.



  1. I Julie,

    I came across your blogg while I was looking for an image of Jesus praying. I notice that you have one that interest me to use in my web page…simplicityinthegospel.com. Would it be OK to use that image? I will add a link to your site….

    God Bless

    Andre Delage

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