What’s Up Doc? You’re Never Too Old, That’s What.

Meet Dr. Luke, a physician, an educated man.  He was a close friend and companion of Paul.  He was a Greek, and the only Gentile author in the New Testament.  In addition to his gospel, he wrote the book of Acts.  The Gentiles and the Greeks are his target audience as he writes from Rome or Caesarea in AD 60.

Luke paints a portrait of  Jesus’ humanity as he takes us from His birth, and the role of John the Baptist, through Jesus’ ministry and to His death and resurrection in 24 chapters.  His is the most comprehensive gospel account.  I identify with this as I tend to be very detail-oriented (and analytical to a fault).  Verses 9:51 through 18:35 provide details not found in any other gospel.

The notes and lessons are primarily from my Life Application Study Bible.

Let’s get started with the first part of Luke 1 (1-25).  At times, like now, I will break the chapters into small chunks rather than posting on a whole chapter.

(1-20)  Zecheriah, a Jewish priest, is the first to hear of the Messiah’s forthcoming visit, as told to him by the angel Gabriel, who also tells him he will have a son to be named John.  (He will become John the Baptist.)  At first he doesn’t believe, as his wife Elizabeth is old and past childbearing years.  For his unbelief, the angel makes Zecheriah unable to speak until after the baby is born.  (Sometimes people might wish an angel would shut me up.  I tend to talk too much.)

(23-37) Old lady Elizabeth becomes pregnant soon after Zecheriah’s encounter, and she goes into seclusion for five months.  In her sixth month, Gabriel appears to her relative, the virgin Mary, who is engaged to Joseph, a descendant of King David.  Mary accepts what he says, that she will give birth to a son to be named Jesus who will reign forever.  He has also told her about Elizabeth.

Elizabeth reminds of a miracle story I heard on the Today show with Kathie Lee and Hoda.  Aly is a young woman who beat stage 3 breast cancer, but the radiation left her unable to conceive – or so she was told.  She and her husband adopted a child.  THEN, A MIRACLE.  She discovered she was pregnant.  But it gets better.  The mother of their adopted child was pregnant again and asked if Aly and Josh would adopt her second child who was due the same week as Aly.  Now they have 3 young children.  Although she is much younger than Elizabeth, the miracle child Aly gave birth to reminds me of Luke 1:36-37 –

36 What’s more, your relative Elizabeth has become pregnant in her old age! People used to say she was barren, but she has conceived a son and is now in her sixth month. 37 For nothing is impossible with God.

What’s In a Name?

John means “the Lord is gracious”.

Jesus is a Greek form of Joshua, meaning “the Lord saves”.

In my next post I will continue and finish Luke 1.


Getting Back in the Game

After some years of only sporadic posts, it’s time I return to writing in my blog on a regular basis.  And for the purpose originally intended, led by God to break down books of the Bible.  What was, or is, my primary goal in doing so, when there are other sites, full of devotionals, Bible knowledge, and encouragement for application to our daily lives?

I started Julie’s Life Joy because my friends and I were not reading the Bible enough, falling short on fully equipping ourselves with Scripture. We worked through our studies each week, answering questions and drawing on experiences so we can grow closer to God and mature in faith.  Still, we needed more.  I take notes as I read, using my Life Application Study Bible.  I got this idea to make it like a Cliffs Notes. We DO need to read the Bible, but as a supplement or if you don’t make the time, it is good to know what a specific chapter says and how it is relevant to us and to the current times. 

My life has been changed by Jesus, working in my heart and mind, and by His leading and timing to connect the women of our Small Group for Bible Study with each other.  Some of us have been sharing our lives and common goal to know and follow God as fully as possible for over 13 years.  We have been transformed.  God blesses us each with a gift or ability.  My gift is writing and ideas of how to share good information with others.   

I fell away from blogging because I was busy, I work at a computer all day, I have an hour’s commute each way to St. Louis, and I try to sit as little as possible when I am not working. 

I still don’t like sitting, but I am less busy.  My husband, Mitch, retired in March and has taken on more housework.  Our dogs both passed away in the last year.  I want to get back into the Bible more deeply.  Writing about the book of John a few years ago enabled me to study it and commit it to memory and application  more than I could have done just reading it.  Now is the time to tackle another of the books in the Bible.  I hope I can help you know the Bible as I share the notes from my study Bible, include actual Scriptures, summarize in places, and share personal experiences along the way. 

Look forward to the Gospel of Luke very soon. me moms day.JPG