Inspired by a Mockingbird

Recognizing the familiar music, I searched the trees for a blue jay.  Atop a tall pine, my eyes found a mockingbird.  After “wheedle wheedle”, it switched to the song of a cardinal (what cheer, what cheer, sweet sweet sweet).   How funny that God created this very vocal impressionist of the bird world.  Another example of His sense of humor.  And something else to file under “things that evolution could not explain”.

Let me point out that my educational background, my college degree, is in Zoology.  I have loved the biological sciences and the study of animals all my life.  I used to believe in evolution, but I realized after receiving Christ that I know too much about the complexity of living things to not believe that an all-intelligent God created them all (and the universe).

Bird song, much less the ability to build nests, can only result from intentional design.  Evolution/random cell mutations that cause a living thing to become a musical instrument?  A home-builder?  The theory of evolution is soooo weak but our schools teach it…..  That doesn’t mean that the students have to believe it.  If you have kids in your life, tell them to answer test questions, don’t be disrespectful, but Christian students might point out or ask a few questions to create doubt in the minds of the other kids.  Perhaps they can raise their hand and ask the teacher how genes and random mutation would give birds the ability to communicate vocally and  musically.

In addition, using the “birds used to be reptiles” notion from evolutionists….

How would reptiles accidentally mutate their whole skeletal structure so their bones are hollow, while the animal from which they evolved still survives?  Their respiratory systems are too different, not to mention scales vs. feathers.

And in general, …Did you know that no fossil of an animal in transition has ever been found?   Have you ever considered the extreme complexity of the eye, or the amazing transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly?

Yes, perhaps you or that tween or teen in your life could make a difference by asking a few questions in class.   Learn enough that they still earn an A in science, just don’t buy into the theory of evolution.

I will leave you with some links and a quote:

 A website by the writer of Search for the Truth, by Bruce Malone.  I read the book and recommend it.

Here’s a quote from the book:  “The odds of life forming by chance are like believing that a tornado sweeping through a junkyard could assemble a Boeing 747 from the materials therein.”

Chuck Swindoll broadcast– Creation vs. Corruption –




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