Stories with Purpose

As she was flying around the countryside, a bird came upon a large pile of branches in a farmer’s backyard.  She built a nest within those branches.  She left to look for food, and upon returning found that her nest was gone!  She rebuilt the nest and left for awhile, only to return and find that again the nest was gone.  “Why is this happening?” she wondered, wanting so much to have that nest built right there, so that she could mate and raise a family.  She thought that branch pile was in the perfect location.  Persistent, she built a nest, left, and came back to find it gone.  She flew away and decided to find a different home for a nest.

What happened to the nest?  The farmer had planned to burn that pile of branches.  He had been removing it to prevent the bird from trying to have her babies there. 

The above story is an illustration I heard on a Christian radio program called “Love Worth Finding”.   I listen to the messages of Dr. Adrian Rogers occasionally on my commute to work when my friend and I are not carpooling and chatting.  Dr. Rogers passed away, so these are re-broadcasts of his sermons.  He uses the King James version of the Bible for readings, and he could be somewhat over my head, but I still enjoy his messages given the right topic.   The story of the bird and the nest was a perfect analogy, to me, of how we should not seek to understand every unexpected twist in our lives.

 Do I need to elaborate?  Even if she had been watching, the bird would not have understood why the man was taking away the nest.  So it is with God.  When something doesn’t go the way we planned, it may be for our own good, the result of God’s plan.

Quips from Chuck Swindoll

Before Dr. Rogers’ program is Chuck Swindoll’s “Insight for Living”.  Chuck has some great stories and quips that convey a point in scripture and that make us laugh.  He’s been in the book of Romans since June.  

Giving instructions for the church, the apostle Paul tells us not to judge others, to love each other, and to avoid blaming others for our shortcomings.  Here are two funny stories that I’ve heard recently:

Two well-dressed women approached their pastor after the church service.  They were upset that another woman had not worn her nylon stockings in church, and they wanted him to talk to and correct the woman.  This is likely not the exact wording, but the rest goes something like this –

“I am not going to talk to her,” he said, “because she is breaking no rules.  You know, stockings didn’t exist at the time of Christ.  People came to church in sandals or even bare feet.  In fact, I believe it was prostitutes who first wore stockings!”

The women said nothing further and walked away.

Here’s another one I enjoyed:

A man went to the doctor and told him that he believed his wife had become hard of hearing.  The doctor said, “Stand 40 feet from her, ask her a question, if she does not respond, then move 10 feet closer, ask again, and repeat these steps until she responds, even if you must stand right behind her.”  So the man went home and found that his wife was in the kitchen. Standing 40 feet away, he asked “Honey, what’s for dinner?”.  No response.  Again, at 30 feet.  Nothing.  He repeated the question at the 10 feet intervals, until he was directly behind her at the stove.  He asked, “Honey, what’s for dinner?”   She answered loudly, “Chicken, for the fifth time, chicken!”

Thinking the problem lies with another, blaming, not looking at our own inabilities first, these things have been issues since Eve ate the forbidden fruit from the Tree of Knowledge.  God asked Adam about it, and he blamed Eve.  Eve blamed the serpent. 

The BOT Radio Network – I love it!  Chuck Swindoll is my favorite pastor.   I also love listening to The Bible Answer Man, Hank Haanegraaf, on my way home.   See if you can hear these programs in your area – they’re very inspiring, motivating, and educational.    

God Bless You!


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