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I subscribe to a blog called Memoirs of a Believer.  The writer is a college student, and I like having this peek into the life of a Christian who is young with his whole life ahead of him.  I received a notification today of a new post, and I liked it so much that I’m pointing you to it.   “Jongshengong” – the blogger – titles his post as “Childlike faith…when did we stop being simple”.

I pasted the link to the specific post, but it won’t work for some reason.  I pasted his whole post below.  You can find the general link to Memoirs of a Believer under my Blogroll links.

childlike faith… when did we stop being simple

childlike faith…. we are always taught to come like children to the kingdom of God, to receive like them…

when did we stop having childlike faith ?

i sat down and slowly reflected on my years growing up… how when i was young, i would believe everything my parents said, i would rely so much on them…and thats what being a child was all about, simple and trusting to our parents…

but as i grew up, as i grew older, as i allowed society to pay a big role in moulding my perspectives on what life is…. i started losing that childlike faith…. i started to have child-ish faith.. where if something went wrong, something went against what i planned, i would be like a kid in a supermarket who didnt get the toy he wanted from his parents..

he would trash around on the floor, screaming, making a fuss, embarrassing his parents…. well, i dont do that LITERALLY… but i guess i do trash around in my prayers to God..

God, WHY WHY WHY WHY ?? fine… if i dont get what i want, i will do something to get it instead of waiting for You…

but too often, we muck up… and it backfires into our face

something the pastor shared about this day which struck a deep note in me…

he was sharing how when he was young, his dad, a painter by trade, wanted to paint his new house…. and that his dad asked him to come along and paint the house together. His dad had all his gear, rollers and all, and even bought the pastor (who was a lil kid then) his own little tin of paint with a brush….

the pastor shared how… looking back, his dad painted his own section and did a marvelous job… while he, as a lil kid who didnt know much about painting, got more paint on his clothes than on the wall and probably messed up more…. that his dad probably didnt need him to help paint the house… but his dad wanted him to do it together.. to be in that same journey…

God wants you to be there…. not because of what you can bring… but because of what you lack… Just as the pastor’s dad wanted him to be there as he painted the house, as he completed a fine work, not because the pastor could bring his expertise or anything….

i pray we learn to strip away the complexities of life… to strip away our worries, stop saying… but but, if i dont do this, i wont get there, if i dont progress from A to C, i wont get to go to D…

Childlike faith spends less time worrying and more time trusting, it takes God at His word, because he know that God will promise you things, will keep His word…


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