I’ll be writing soon. I hope.

I try to post an article or “Bible Express Study” once a week.  I’d rather do it twice a week, but haven’t been able to accomplish that lately. 

 I took vacation from work last Thursday and Friday.  My sister, niece, and nephews were visiting.  I knew they weren’t arriving until late afternoon Thursday.  I had part of John 14 summarized, with a personal comment.  I had the other part saved at work.  Both saved under the same name.   I had opened the document from work, forgotten that it wasn’t an update, but only had the second part of John 14.  When I saved it and was asked if I wanted to replace the one on my computer, I said yes.  Then I realized what I had done.  I searched the recycle bin.  Nothing.  I was so angry with myself!  How could I do something so stupid?   I had some housework to finish, and I was frustrated, so John 14 still needs to be summarized.

I get this itch to write, or to share, and when I can’t do it I feel restless.  Last week I was listening to a Christian radio program by Ed Young.  It was about the roles of men and women in the marriage, and women being the submissive party.  A difficult topic for me, but I’ve realized that it makes sense and that you can’t have two leaders in a relationship.  I jotted down a reminder for this as a forthcoming topic. 

So, I’ve got John 14, the submissive wife, and, I want to write something about fitness.   And I have not had the time to write.  I’m home sick today and thought I’d get one of those topics done, but right now I think I’ll sleep or read or do something mindless.  I just don’t have the energy for a focused post.

I appreciate your patience.    May your day be blessed!


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