Bird-Brained, part 2, and more

Continuing thoughts from my 5/26 post…

Until 10 years ago, I was on Darwin’s side.  Evolution was the only theory on the origins of life that made sense to me.   What I should have realized, especially as a student of biology, studying the complexities of life and animal behavior, is that the theory is riddled with holes. 

As I mentioned on 5/26, birds exemplify the argument against evolution.   Their behaviors, like nest-building and migration, require a certain how-to, where-to knowledge, a design.  Animals have instinct that tells them how to live as one of their species, but instinct is impossible as a random mutation, even going back to some point in time that the evolutionists say they evolved from their ancestor.  There is design behind it.  Design – intelligence – intention – not characteristics of a DNA molecule.


Can a tornado blowing through a lumberyard assemble a house using the materials within?  No, but according to the evolutionary theory, it can.    

What about bird song, not to mention whale song?  Is there a genetic code comprised of musical notes?  It’s not like the birds are intentionally singing the way we do, but they are born with the ability to vocalize specific notes in specific sequences. 

Christians in the scientific community have great websites available for learning the details.  I like and   Try reading an eye-opening book by Bruce Malone called “The Search for the Truth”.

Once I believed that God created the earth and all living things, I still wondered about the bones that are said to be those of our extinct, ape-like ancestors.  “Evolutionists are willing to accept mere similarities between the fossilized bones of extinct apes and the bones of living men as “proof” of our ape ancestry.”

My intention in writing about Creation, or exposing the problems with evolution, is to equip you with information that can be useful in a discussion with a non-Christian, or to help you equip your child against the doubt and confusion created when they are taught evolution at school, as if it is a fact rather than a theory.  Or perhaps you are a new Christian with a scientific background, and you need to search for information for your own deepening of faith.  I hope to point you in the right direction.


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