Thoughts on the Blog

I’m wondering about some things I might do to improve my blogging.

I think my posts might be too long than what readers are looking for when they’re online.  Although I enjoy writing, I feel like I’m working on an essay sometimes.  It keeps me from making more frequent posts.  Perhaps I can split my entries into two; especially the summaries of the Bible chapters.

The font appears kind of small when I view my posts.  I write things in Word on a font of 12, then I copy and paste into the blog.  Maybe I should write in font 14.  I’ll try that.  I also try to find images but have trouble finding time to look for them.  Does it matter to you?

I used to have some downtime at work when I was able to write.  Really, there was nothing to do.  Lately I have been much busier.  This is part of the reason for posting only once or twice a week, instead of 3-4 times.  It depends on whether my husband is on the laptop, too.

Also, I have said that I would be including fitness and health information.  The video links should be useful, but I have not done much else with this area.  I apologize for this.   I can post some healthy recipes.  What do you think?  Would you use the information?

I have some things I can post later tonight or in the next few days.  Meanwhile, please, provide feedback.   Are you okay with doing part of John 7 one day, for example, then the other part another day?  Would it be confusing to see the most recent post as the last half of a chapter or an article, while the first part is on a previous day?   Is the font size a problem?  I need to contact WordPress on that one, I suppose.  (I think there’s a way to zoom on anything online through your computer settings, by the way.)

This blog is for you, so please comment and help me make it the best blog possible!


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