Children that Know God

I was going to post something else today, but I found this video today, and I already had something written from a journal entry a couple years ago.    The video is of a small child singing “Indescribable” by Chris Tomlin.

The writing is not about this child, but I think these two things together give us a wonderful picture of innocence and of the beauty of children that consciously have God in their lives.

Children and Christ

Note:  This is something I wrote in the past.  Cassidy is now 12 years old.

My friend, Nicole, told me something astounding today.  Her ten year-old daughter told her she accepted Christ two years ago.  More recently, Cassidy said she had told a friend about Christ, and told her the “ABC” steps.  A is Admit, B for Believe, C for Commit.  Our church teaches the children about committing their lives to Christ.  Cassidy’s friend invited Jesus Christ into her life later that day.  Cassidy wanted to make sure her friend goes to heaven.  Nicole and I carpool, and as she told me this my eyes welled up with tears.  Wow!  Cassidy also realized that she could get in trouble if the teacher heard her talking about the subject at school, and was very discreet, but the fact that she took the risk, to me and to her mom, was incredible.  God definitely works through children.

To share with others her acceptance of Christ into her life, Cassidy was baptized at our church.  When a child has received Christ and can prove that they understand what this means, they can be baptized.  It’s amazing.  Children who walk with Christ every day and are devoted to God are enabled with love, peace, joy, and the ability to shine throughout their lives.  Their adolescence and journey to adulthood will be easier knowing they can always talk to God about their challenges, peer pressure, academic pressure, and more.   And kids like Cassidy, who are not shy about sharing their faith, are vehicles of hope for the future.


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