Call me a fitness dork

My second half hour of exercise each day is spent in the fitness center at my workplace.  I take fitness breaks instead of lunch breaks.

If you were to open the door and peek inside the studio on Tuesday morning while I am enjoying Vita’s crazy Zumba class, you would see a tall red-haired lady near the window wearing black yoga pants and a black or blue tank top set.   And light blue Bloch shoes that enable me to move better than I would in sneakers.  (In my rush to buy the shoes that allow me to better salsa, cumbia, and otherwise dance better, I bought the blue ones because the black ones were sold out, and the blue ones were on sale for $67.)   I regret the blue shoes; I am too aware of them while watching myself in the studio mirror, but they aren’t the icing on the dork cake. 

It’s the white sweatband around the top of my head that makes me feel like a dork.  The band prevents sweat from dripping on my face.  I have never seen any other female at our fitness center wear one.  Before I bought sweatbands, I would roll a red bandana to make it form a band to tie around my head.  Rambo Julie.  Again, it seems I’m the only one who dares don this attire.  ( It was lovely one day when I walked out to get on an elliptical, and there was a group of visiting brokers touring the facility.  I’m glad we don’t wear name tags.)

Am I the only one that sweats this much?  I rarely envy anyone, but I do envy those who sweat little or not at all.   I feel like I’m in a spoof of Olivia Newton John singing “Let’s Get Physical” in the 1980s.  Oh, well, it’s better than having to wipe my face every 5 minutes or tolerating the drip.  It only bothers me to wear the sweatband when I’m in a fitness class, when I am forced to see myself in those mirrors.  With or without it, I could do without the mirrors. 

The mirrors reveal some things I would rather they wouldn’t.  I don’t look as graceful as I feel.  Even though I am happy with my thinner, more sculpted shape compared to the former version, my stomach still falls quite short of flat.  I blame two Cesarean sections.  My upper arms still have the loose skin that the tricep exercises won’t make completely disappear.  I look much better than I otherwise would, so I don’t get discouraged.  I just don’t want to see my imperfections reflected in the mirror as I step forward and shimmy to “Bad Romance”. 

I know that some of you might be shy about going to a gym or an exercise class.  If you’re thinking about it, but you don’t like the idea of exercising in front of people, think of me.  If I can do it, with my dorky sweat accessories and a body that does not make people say “there goes an exercise freak”, while other people that work at the same company can see me in a tank top and sports bra, you can do it too, if self-consciousness is all that prevents you from doing so.  

On a separate note, great website with exercise videos and workout plans –


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