My Morning Walk 3/26 and More

My Morning Walk – Journal Entry 3/26/10

As I walk on this morning , Kiera ahead of me but not tugging on the leash, and Jasmine next to me, I think about what it is that I like about walking in the pre-dawn darkness. To be honest, there are times I don’t really want to get out there. This time of year, it is cold, and in the winter that is now behind us, I had to conquer the snow. Drizzle and wet streets are not kind, causing me to end the walk by wiping the dogs’ bellies and legs with a towel. And it is dark, of course. Only steady rain or ice keeps us inside.

I am glad for the motivators that push me out the door. One is the desperately sad look on Kiera’s face when she expects a walk and is disappointed. Whether or not I have dogs to exercise, though, I would do it anyway.

Once we are outside and begin our 20-minute journey, I’m happy to be walking. I usually pray, beginning with gratitude and praise, often thanking Jesus that my legs, my breath, my body, enable me to move well. I am grateful that His death and resurrection allow me to have this relationship with Him.

Though I sometimes tire of being either indoors or in the dark, on many days, I reflect, and today I realize that I actually like the dark. It’s so peaceful. On clear days, I see God in the stars and I am reminded that He created the universe, and that He is light. He is hope. If there are clouds, I see Him as an artist landscaping the sky. Perhaps it is because I feel so separate from people, so invisible, at that time, and I take comfort in knowing that God is watching over me.

He is in heaven, and He is beside me – maybe on the right, on the other side of Jasmine, patting her head or scratching her ears as we walk. And He is the Holy Spirit in my heart . It is now that I feel so close to my Father. No distractions with the exception of the occasional command to the dogs to “leave it” as they linger on a scent, or my bending to adjust the leash when it gets behind a front leg.

There is an illusion that God, myself, and the dogs are the only living things that exist. I see signs of life, though, as the dark windows in a few homes illuminate as people awaken and prepare for the day. Sometimes a garage door goes up or a car door shuts as an early worker leaves for work.

At certain times of the year, like now, the birds start to sing. Ducks laugh out by the lake as they paddle and leave a gentle wake on the otherwise undisturbed surface. The early glow of sunrise transforms the sky from black to dark blue. The world is waking up, I have first row tickets to the performance, Jesus is there next to us, watching a living painting that He creates each day.

This is quality time for a Heavenly Father and His daughter. It feels as if those of us who have a close relationship with God by living our lives through Jesus, who are His children, are loved by God more than those who do not know Him. It’s just another illusion (read on).

Additional Notes 4/2

God so loved every one of us that He sent His Son to die on the cross to pay the debt for our human shortcomings that separate us from Him. To offer us the chance to come to Him with humility and admit we fall short of His glory, that we need forgiveness, and yes, we confess, Jesus is Lord and I accept Him as my Savior. It is an offering of the gift of grace, a gift that leads to eternal life.
For those who accept the gift and invite Jesus into their lives, they each become a new person, made possible because Jesus was resurrected. And this, my friends, is the true meaning of Easter.

Church is not a building or the choice of a certain group of people but your personal relationship with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit that dwells in your heart. Finding people to share this feeling with is the “icing on the cake”, so to speak. But, your relationship can also be one-on-one as it is in my morning walks.

The Hard Truth for Some:

For those who choose not to accept the trust, described above, God’s love for you is still there. However, in the end, like a parent whose child decides not to acknowledge him or be part of the family, God must follow through…not because He is cruel or unloving, but because He must mete out the consequences He has promised by withholding the inheritance of eternal life in Heaven.
I pray that you commit your lives to Christ, not only for the reason of the hard truth, but for the hope, joy and love you will experience during your lives on earth.


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