The Plan

Through this blog, I hope to help others know God by sharing the Bible and by sharing my journey. I also want to help people eat healthier and to exercise.  To be more specific:

I have been reading the Bible on and off since I invited Christ into my heart nine years ago.  At one point I began taking notes.  After my dog-eared, paperback Living Water Bible – New Living Translation – was colored with many highlights of key passages and the back cover had torn off, I got a Life Application Study Bible.  Large print, I might add, because my eyes (and the rest of me) are in their 40s, and I was struggling to focus on the number of the verse.  It was a birthday gift from my husband, but one that I chose.

A study Bible includes helpful, educational notes to clarify Scriptures.  The life application component points out how a passage may relate to my/your life, and how you might apply it.  It includes questions to ask yourself, to help me/you grow in faith and obedience to God.

My notes became more than a way of jotting down key verses, points and events; I began to include short versions of the study/application notes that I found key to learning and maturity.   And I recorded my own thoughts.

Recently, I got the idea to put my journey through the Bible (from past notes and as I continue my study) into a blog.  I have close Christian friends who have trouble finding the time to sit down with the Bible.  It’s a big book, and some may see it as overwhelming.  It’s not uncommon for people who have been attending church for many years to say they have never read the Bible; they may have had Scripture pointed out during sermons, but not studied it on their own.

Although what you should do is read the Bible, the second best thing is to be familiar enough so that you can be obedient to God by knowing God, you can know the verses that are useful to you in your walk and application to life, to know the key events and people of the Bible,  to enable you to refer to the “addresses” (book chapter verse, i.e. Romans 10:9), to realize the incredible love that God has for you, and to know what the life, death, and resurrection of God’s Son should mean to you.

1)  Here’s what I plan for the Bible posts:

  • Do a Cliff Notes version of each chapter
  • Share verses that I find significant
  • Include study and application notes.

2) A mix of the lessons, including life application, that I experience in my small group for Bible study, weekend messages, and my own random thoughts on various topics.   Also I will add my personal testimony and experiences as a Christian growing closer to God.

3)  As I mentioned in my previous post – my first one for this blog – I also have a passion for healthy eating and exercise that I would like to share with others who want to lose weight and get fit.  My plan for that is somewhat less clear to me.  I can certainly share healthy recipes and a list of what I’ve been eating daily.  It’s the fitness part I am still trying to work out.  Maybe I can be a sort of coach by saying, doing this or that exercise today.

4)  Miscellaneous.  I love nature, feeding the birds, hiking, our two black labs.

My next post will be Bible notes.  We will start in the New Testament in the book of John.

I hope you enjoy my blog and will visit often.   I will appreciate feedback.


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